Monday 16 February 2015

Rendering a dice

dice_0006.png Rendering a dice may seem a very basic task. In fact it's not that simple. In this blog post, we will see all the steps that took us from the initial render of the Yatzy dice in Family's Game Travel Pack to the final one, covering subject like shadow mapping, per pixel lighting, outlines and such.

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Sunday 15 February 2015

New Game : Family's Game Travel Pack

app-icon-128.png Here we go for a new release !

This time, this is a traditional board game pack with already 17 games included. New ones should be added shortly.

Give it a try !

Saturday 14 February 2015

New website

Welcome to our new website. We will publish new game prototypes, forecoming features, updates, and game design / game programming related articles. Stay tuned for more !

Thursday 9 January 2014

New Game : Steal the Loot

loot-icon.png Here we go for our first release : Steal the Loot

After creating lots of unfinished prototypes, I decided to go the full way down to a release. This lead to this funny turn-based board game where you moves adventurers in dungeons.

It should work well with kids, the good thing being that the game allows to play around one tablet (you place the tablet on a table and play around just like with a traditional board game).

Give it a try and share your thoughts !